Cocoon Maxi Scarf – English free pattern

This free pattern was originally designed to be an Italian video tutorial. An educational pattern on how to start designing a scarf, with all the math involved in the design.
The video tutorial is still only in Italian but I thought I at least provided all the non Italian speaking with a written version.

The Cocoon Maxi Scarf is worked flat as a traditional scarf but it has a slight twist that make it more interesting.
The afterthought “no snip” buttonhole and button transform the otherwise ordinalry scarf in something more fun.

I don’t know about you but I am not a fun of ordinary scarves, that’s why I decided to have a little fun with it.

Ravelry Page

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Skills needed

  • Stockinette stitch
  • Purl stitch
  • Slip stitch


Circular needles: 6.5mm 80cm
Note: Needle size is just a suggestion. Use any needle size you need to meet gauge.


  • st(s) stitch(es)
  • k knit
  • p purl
  • wyif with yarn in front
  • wyib with yarn in the back
  • sl slip as if to purl
Cocoon Maxi scarf
Cocoon Maxi Scarf


Gauge 13stx22st in 10x10cm in pattern stitch

Yarn: Tre sfere Lana bio Ecologica 100gr-100m or any bulky yarn equivalent.

Final measures: 40cm x 110cm

Cast on 55 sts and knit the first row.
Repeat the following two rows for min 141 times

  • Row 1: Slip 1 wyif, bring yarn on the back of the work and k 6, p 1, [k 7, p 1], repeat […] 5 times, k 7.
  • Row 2: Slip 1 wyif, bring yarn on the back of the work and k 6, sl 1 wyib , [k 7, sl 1 wyib], repeat […] 5 times, k 7

Here you can find the moment in the video tutorial where I show how to work this two rows.

Try on your scarf to determin if you need to work more. Here the video where I show you how to try it on. Make sure you leave enough space for your neck

When you are happy with the lenght you can bind off.

Weave in all ends, wash and block at correct gauge and measures

When dry, try on your scarf again and mark the exact point where you want your button and buttonhole (watch video here)
Proceed to create the afterthought “no snip” buttonhole, you can watch here the part of tutorial where I make it or follow this little tutorial by

In the followng schematic you can see the placement of button and buttonhole as I made them. Keep in mind I’m petite so pelase try it on yourslef where you actually neeed them.

(Sketch is not in scale)

Extra tip: for more stabilitity when wearing the scarf you may add an invisible snap fastener on the other shoulder.

Video tutorial (italian only)

Video Index:

⏩ Intro and descriprion of the project 00:00
⏩ Yarn and swatches (creative process) 04:29
⏩ Design of the scarf with the help of an excel file: 08:39
⏩ Cast on and basic pattern stitches 13:47​ – Stitch marker placement 16:32
⏩ How to keep count of rows with stitch markers 22:44
⏩ How to Join two skeins 24:46
⏩ How to measure your scarf 27:14
⏩ Bind off 28:10
⏩ Washing and blocking 30:50
⏩ How to Find the position for button and buttonhole 31:32
⏩ How to Create the afterthought “no snip” buttonhole 32:40
⏩ Waving in ends 36:10

Cocoon maxi scarf
Cocoon Maxi Scarf

I hope you enjoy this free pattern.

Happy knitting!